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Casadei Busellato
Casadei BusellatoCasadei Busellato

Casadei Busellato

Casadei Busellato woodworking machinery manufactures

Was created in 2008 from a merger of two historical companies in the wood working machinery fields

The two companies joined forces to establish a commercial, organisational and production alliance , taking full advantage of the complementary nature of their respective products

Casadei was founded in 1945 when the first combined machines started to enter the market, They now operate in over 90 countries covering all 5 continents offer a complete selection of woodworking machinery ranging from traditional machines such as Spindle moulders and Surface planers to more sophisticated special machines like Edge banders and moulding machines

Busellato was founded in 1956 and quick showed itself to be one of the most important manufacturers in woodworking machines, with launch of the the Favorit  the first automatic woodworking machine able to perform every type of boring operation at any angle, Then in 1981 they came out with the first multi boring machine with 100% electronic programing with the possibility to control over 20 Axes

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