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New iTECH TES 3 head Tenoner
New iTECH TES 3 head TenonerMachines
New iTECH TES 3 head Tenoner

£7,950 + vat

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New iTECH TES 3 head Tenoner
£7,950 + vat

New iTECH TES 3 head tenoner complete with blocks C.E. Mark
The iTECH TE|S 3 Head Tenoner and scribing machine is a new addition to our range.
The proven design for small to medium joinery companies with an extra heavy large base for improved stability. 
This creates a strong, yet compact tenoning machine.
It has three heads, each head is independently adjustable to allow you to produce either square shouldered tenons, offset tenons, scribed or mitred tenons.
The main heads have Siko digital readouts with 0.1mm resolution allowing you to make tenons quickly and accurately.

Profiled scribe cutters and limitors can be fitted into the ‘combi’ tenon heads. The third head is supplied complete with an additional scribe block allowing the rapid production of square shoulders or double scribed joints, storm proof or offset tenons.

Discs can also be used within the scope of the diameter and clamping.
This is an ideal machine for small to medium workshops making windows, doors or kitchen furniture; it is compact, accurate and easy to use.
The table folds down to save space when not in use.
  • Timber capacity – 130mm x 310mm
  • Max length of tenon in one pass – 155mm
  • Max length of tenon in two passes – 205mm
  • Table size – 800mm x 310mm 
  • Main cutter heads – 175mm x 60mm (4 wing) 
  • Scribing head – 125mm x 65mm (2 wing) 
  • 3 motors – 2.2Kw (3Hp) 415 volt
  • Mechanical digital clocks 
  • Electronic braking 
  • C.E. Mark
  • Toolkit & Operators Manual

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Timber Capacity
130mm X 310mm

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