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Harwi Piranha 1250 Wallsaw
Harwi Piranha 1250 WallsawMachines
Harwi Piranha 1250 Wallsaw

£13,000 + vat

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Harwi Piranha 1250 Wallsaw
£13,000 + vat

Harwi Piranha 1250 wallsaw

The Harwi Piranha 1250  wallsaw is a vertical panel sawing machine with a sawing height of 1300mm and a sawing length of 2500mm.
Standard sawing depth is 55mm. The sawing unit is easily interchangeable between horizontal and vertical cutting. The Piranha has a standard equipped security system which prevents vertical cutting of the plastic strips. The Piranha has a unique frame construction, welded together, forming a solid base for an optimal performance, longevity of the machine and makes it easy and fast to install on site.
Features fitted on PIRANHA 1250
Brake Motor 3kw/400v 3-(4hp)
Depth of cut 55mm
Carbide tipped saw blade dia. 250mm
Electric moving back panel
Length stop (analogue)
Reiteration stop
Panel mover
Midway fences x 2
Guiding block support fence
Support midway fence
Max. vertical cut 1300 mm
Max. height of horiz. cut 1250mm
Max. horizontal cut 2500 mm
Max. depth of cut 55mm
Sawblade diameter 250mm
Motor size 3,0kw [4hp]
Voltage 400v/3
Spindle speed 2800 rpm
Dia. dust extraction 100mm
Weight 480kg
Floor plan D-1.2 x L-3.3 x H-2.15m
Machine frame height without beam fitted 1.7m
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Blade Size
Maximum Depth of Cut
Timber Capacity
8' X 4'
Scoring blade drive

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