Buying new or pre-owned woodworking machines shouldn’t be difficult, and to that end, TWS want to make it as simple as possible. To achieve this we work together with Kennet Leasing  – a finance broker and funding provider that can help you raise the funds for your next machine purchase.


Not every business can afford the cash outlay to invest in new equipment. If you’ve had a new contract come in that requires a workshop upgrade or an increase in capacity but your cashflow is tight then finance is the ideal solution. That way you’re not jeopardising your ability to increase staff, buy additional materials or have some funds available in case of emergencies.

You may be an established company looking for some additional funding or a brand new start up trying to get your workshop off the ground. Whatever your situation we can work with you to come up with a solution that can help drive your success and give you the capability and capacity to take on more work and keep your customers happy.


We work closely with Kennet Leasing and have a dedicated finance consultant on hand to talk through the options available. Funding options can be very flexible and include hire purchase, leasing and refinancing. You can contact us on 01278 455622 for more information or, to speak to our finance consultant Ethan Alston , please call  01675 469280 or Email

To get a idea of finance cost on a machine please use this handy calculator Click here