Stair Trenchers

Stair trenchers are a serious investment that can quickly pay for itself by enabling your workshop to accept new jobs or complete existing contracts more quickly. Finding a good quality stair trencher for sale at the right price takes time unless you know what you’re doing. The fastest way to find the right machine for your business is to speak to the team at TWS. We’ve been in business for almost 40 years and have built up a wealth of knowledge and a long list of contacts.
Expert Advice on Stair Trenchers

If you’re not sure which Stair trencher would be the best for you or if you’re not sure exactly what you need we can help. We’re an independent, family run business so our aim is get you the right machine at the right price so you’re happy and able to keep your customers coming back. If you need a little extra financial help to invest in a new woodworking machine we work closely with Tower Finance to provide flexible options for funding your new equipment.

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