Wadkin DM Mortiser

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Wadkin DM mortiser, the best heavy duty, space saving machine ever produced by a British manufacturer, in our opinion.

An essential machine in joinery production. A large capacity machine designed to produce clean accurate work with longevity.

Quality design and build combine strength with rigidity. The large base area gives perfect stability.

Convenient placed controls and adjustments to reduce operator fatigue.

 Wadkin DM Mortiser machine specification :

The mortising head consists of a built in 1.5Kw (2Hp) motor which gives direct drive to the chisel unit.

Control is by side mounted start stop switchgear with overload protection.

The head is mounted on precision machined v shaped slide ways with spindle bearings running in dust proof enclosures.

The chisel holder bracket ensures perfect alignment in relation to the table below.

The head will accept chisels up to 25mm (1″) which hold in place by a split cast iron locking device.

An adjustable depth stop regulates the depth of mortise. The hand lever is adjustable in both length and angle, thus providing comfort for the operator.

The table moves on machined slides resulting in a smooth and accurate movement.

Left to right movement is by a large hand wheel through rack and pinion gearing.

Front to back movement is through a separate smaller hand wheel using a screw thread.

The work table is a precision machined casting mounted on the main frame.

Using the table rear support, the timber locates square to the chisel. A strong designed cramp attached to the table holds the work in place whilst mortising.

Hand operated quick acting lead screw, forces the timber down and back against the rear support.

A pre-drilled clamp plate allows you to fix a wooden pad to prevent marking of the workpiece.

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Table Size

560mm X 150mm





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