Casadei PF 410 Surface Planer

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Casadei PF 410 Surface Planer

  • 2,600mm long tables
  • 410mm working width
  • Spiral cutter block
  • 7 hp motor

Reliability: The worktables can be adjusted by means of parallelogram shaped connecting rods which allow perfect parallel adjustment of the tables and guarantees a constant distance between these and the cutter block, at any cutting depth. This solution eliminates machining defects caused by vibrations, even with heavy stock removal.
Flexibility: The ribbed, cast iron worktables are precision ground for a perfect finish and to facilitate stock feed. The long worktables allow perfect straightening of very long parts.
Ergonomics: Ergonomically positioned control panel, easily accessible by the operator.

Superior finish with a spiral knife cutterblock

The Spiral Block design uses 3 lines of cutters with each cutter measuring 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm thick. The cutters spiral around the block creating a shear cut angle to the wood. This puts less strain on the cutters meaning longer working time between knife changes plus a superior finish.

Benefits of using a spiral cutterblock

  1. As the Cutters are staggered, in the unfortunate event a foreign body is in or on the workpiece (eg: staple, tack or small bits of gravel) which damages the knife or cutter, rather than having to replace or turn over a whole traditional knife, you will only have to turn in the worst case 2 cutters  saving money and time.
  2. Spiral blocks run 10% quieter than a standard HSS block, meaning reduced noise whilst planning providing a quieter working environment
  3. Using Smaller Knives on a shear cut angle, the shavings produced are a lot smaller. This makes it easier for an extraction system to pull the waste away from the machine, keeping your work pieces and workplace cleaner
  4. The Cutters have 4 cutting faces, which can be rotated when worn, Increasing the time between complete knife replacement.

For more information on the spiral cutter block system  please get in touch.


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Spiral Cutter Block With 3 Sets Of Turn Over Knives

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