Sedgwick TESH 3 Head Tenoner

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Sedgwick TESH 3 Tenoner

Taking only minutes to set up, the Sedgwick TESH is easy to use and accurate in operation. Work is positioned on the rolling table against an end stop and a fence, and is secured by a cam action clamp. Its end is then passed between two vertically mounted cutterheads which machine the top and bottom cheeks of the tenon.
The tenon width is set by raising or lowering the top motor, and its position on the timber by raising/lowering the two motors in tandem. Variations in shoulder length are set using the rule on the end stop, and staggered tenons are achieved by simple handwheel adjustment of the top motor, reading from a mechanical digital clock.
Machine supplied cleaned, checked and serviced.
  • Timber capacity – 130mm x 310mm
  • Max length of tenon in one pass – 155mm
  • Max length of tenon in two passes – 205mm
  • Table size – 800mm x 310mm
  • Main cutter heads – 175mm x 60mm (4 wing)
  • Scribing head – 125mm x 65mm (2 wing)
  • 3 motors – 2 x 2.2Kw (3Hp), 1 x 4Kw (5.5Hp)
  • Mechanical digital clocks
  • Electronic braking
  • C.E. Mark
  • New blades fitted

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Timber Capacity

130mm X 310mm



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