Casadei PS 41 ES Thicknesser with Spiral Cutterblock

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New Casadei PS 41 ES Thicknesser

  • Timber capacity 410mm x 240mm
  • Vertical movement of table by 4 steel lead screws
  • Steel helical infeed roller
  • Rubber coated top out feed roller
  • Spiral Cutter block
  • Electronic rise and fall with digital readout
  • Operators Manual & Toolkit
  • C.E. Standards

Superior finish with a spiral knife cutterblock

The Spiral Block design uses 3 lines of cutters with each cutter measuring 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm thick. The cutters spiral around the block creating a shear cut angle to the wood. This puts less strain on the cutters meaning longer working time between knife changes plus a superior finish.

Benefits of using a spiral cutterblock

  1. As the Cutters are staggered, in the unfortunate event a foreign body is in or on the workpiece (eg: staple, tack or small bits of gravel) which damages the knife or cutter, rather than having to replace or turn over a whole traditional knife, you will only have to turn in the worst case 2 cutters  saving money and time.
  2. Spiral blocks run 10% quieter than a standard HSS block, meaning reduced noise whilst planning providing a quieter working environment
  3. Using Smaller Knives on a shear cut angle, the shavings produced are a lot smaller. This makes it easier for an extraction system to pull the waste away from the machine, keeping your work pieces and workplace cleaner
  4. The Cutters have 4 cutting faces, which can be rotated when worn, Increasing the time between complete knife replacement.

For more information on the spiral cutter block system and the Casadei PS 41 Thicknesser please get in touch.

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Additional information

Timber Capacity

410mm X 240mm

Hood Interlock


Cutterblock Type

Spiral Cutter Block With 3 Sets Of Turn Over Knives

Rise & Fall


Feed Speeds

6 & 12 M/min



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