Dominion planer thicknesser DAA 400mm

£2,750.00 +VAT
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  • Supplied serviced ready to run
  • Working Width – 400mm
  • Surfacing Table Length – 1550mm
  • Maximum Working Thickness – 230mm
  • 3 Feed Speeds – 6 / 9 / 14 meters per minute
  • Motor – 5.5KW (7.5Hp)
  • DC injection brake fitted
  • Manual Rise and Fall by hand wheel
  • 2 Adjustable Rollers in Thicknessing bed
  • Fence Tilting – 90° to 45°
  • Solid cast iron construction
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Dominion DAA planer thicknesser machine is built for a timber capacity of 400mm x 230mm.


The Main Frame is of improved design, strong and rigid, providing the stability and stiffness necessary for steady running. The latest designs in handles and gear levers are all included and the machine carries a high-class finish.


The Top Tables are extra long overall, fitted with steel lips and ground perfectly flat, their underside being scraped dead true to enable perfect glue joints to be made. Each table has a horizontal draw out motion for access to the cutterblock whilst they also rise and fall independently.


The Bottom Table has its rising and lowering motion on four machined slides. Anti-friction Bottom Rollers have quick vertical adjustment simultaneously provided by hand wheel at the feed-in end. The bottom table is controlled by a hand-wheel through skew gears and heavy cut square thread screws. Anti-kick Back Fingers are fitted to the Thicknesser section to eliminate backlash. A pointer and graduated scale is provided for gauging varying thicknesses up to 9in (230mm) deep.


The Cutterblock is of the two knife circular wedge type, accurately turned and ground out of a solid steel forging and mounted on heavy Grease Lubricated bearings enclosed in dust proof housings.


The Cutters are held in position by wedges secured by high tensile screws; springs are fitted at the back of each cutter for convenience in setting, together with cutter setting equipment.


The Gear Box is fitted with machine-cut steel gears running in an oil bath and is housed under the bottom table inside the machine in an easily accessible position, thus saving space and ensuring compactness in design. A simple movement of the gear-box lever immediately gives a suitable speed for the work which increases the productive capacity of the machine.
Three Speeds, 6 / 9 / 14 meters per minute.


A Bridge Guard, Rear Planer Guard and a Thicknessing Guard, together with Anti-kick Back Fingers are fitted, all of which comply with the latest Regulations.


Equipment includes: Motor. Control Gear, One Pair Planer Cutters, Spanners, Belts, Three Speed Gear Box, Cutter Setting Equipment, Guards

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